Sunday, 19 March 2017

From: PaulS : Final, final entry. No really. (65 Points)

Earlier on I did what I thought was going to be the last update of the Challenge. How wrong I was!

This afternoon I managed to settle down and get into the swing of things (where has this been over the last three weeks!) and managed to complete another rather large batch of things. Earlier I posted the armoured support for my Commandos. This time I've got some support for my German forces in the shape of a SdKfz 251/10 and a Tiger I. The figures are just for a sense of action and excitement. Both are Warlord's plastic kits and were really nice to put together. The SdKfz was part of the same kit that spawned the mortar team earlier in the challenge. When offered the choice of a standard 251/10, or a mortar carrying 251/10 kit for the same price, why would you go for the basic one when you can squeeze an extra unit out of the kit?!

Surprised that these two finally got finished, I moved onto finishing a Christmas present for a friend. Zombie Elvis! This is one of the Zombicide Season 3 VIP figures

After Elvis it still seemed to be pretty early in the day, so three undercoated probe droids were painted up, moving Imperial Assault one step closer to being completed. There is still a looooong way to go, but hey. One more group down

And would you believe it? There was *still* loads of time left before I had to start cooking dinner. For those of you that have been following the challenge over the years may remember I started painting up Shadows of Brimstone about 3 years back. It has been a struggle to keep going as the early models are not good. With the first KS finally nearing completion, I felt I should probably sort out some of the remaining figures. Sadly, because this one wasn't planned, I don't have a clear base for it yet. I need to work out what size it should have as he is (as you can see from the soon to be dead fallschirmjager) he is pretty darned big. I have every intention of using him in pulp and weird war games as well. You can never have too many giant demonic monsters!

The pile of uncompleted entries is... quite large. The original intent this year was to paint up all of the marines from both 30k board games as well as a pile of Black Scorpion cowboys. In typical butterfly gamer fashion these were replaced by the shinyshiny of weird war 2 instead.

As it is now about 9pm here, I doubt there will be any more updates for this year's Challenge, even though there are 4 more figures bordering on completed. So to round things off we have two more tanks, 4 28mm figures and whatever the hell the Harbinger counts as. If he stood upright he'd be about the same height as Barbie... but not quite as scary or unrealistic.


Ha! I always find it amazing what people can do when a deadline looms (so far I think we've cranked off 7,000 points in two days...). These are great Paul, especially so considering you just started them today! The German armour, Elvis and the Demon are very nice but I have a soft spot for those Probe Droids. When I do mine I'm going to use the same clear bases that you always feature. Their minimalism really works well for these minis.

45 Points for you Paul. You're cut off now - go to bed. ;P


  1. A very nice final, final, well maybe not but probably will be final entry Paul! That demon is definitely on the large side. Tremendous work! :)

  2. Great work Paul! And where else would we find a Tiger Tank and Zombie Elvis in the same submission??? Awesome.

  3. Nice work Paul - you have been a busy lad haven't you!

  4. That's a very impressive beast!