Sunday, 19 March 2017

From StephenS: I've made it to the finish line... (100 points)


First up is the rest of the unit for the knight I painted for the 'West' theme round. These seven guys are lovely 28 mm sculpts from Gripping Beast, and painted up a treat. They're a special unit in SAGA, but will more likely see service as just a regular unit of warriors. They will, however, serve to break up the monotonous black and white livery of the rest of the army.

The second entry is more reinforcements for my Ancient Carthaginian army. Six plastic 28 mm models from Victrix. These guys are Libyan javelin armed skirmishers, and very proficient at dying without causing any damage to their Roman adversaries. I don't expect the extra firepower to achieve anything, but they will possibly become a trip hazard for the advancing legionaries. :)
A very simple paint job doesn't really do the nice sculpts justice.

Yes, the glue is still drying on the bases... :)

So with these two entries I should gain the 100 points needed to reach my target of 750 points and I can put the brushes down (for just a little while) with a satisfied grin on my face.

Thank you Curt, and all the Minions as well, for all the work and time that goes into running this brilliant challenge.

Cheers Everyone,


From DaveD . These are lovely Steve , as you say the colour on the cavalry is really popping. Great to see this takes you to your target - well done! another challenge success story.


  1. Excellent work on the cavalry Stephen. Congrats on reaching your target :)

  2. the cavalry are amazing, great work

  3. Jeez, these are nice Stephen. Beautiful work.

  4. Those crusader cav are really very nice Steve. On time and on target too! Looking forward to seeing the whole army come together on the table one night at the club

  5. Oh yeah! Love to see Crusades stuff. These kind of entries inspired me to dive into SAGA - great work!

  6. Great work Steve - those crusaders are particularly fetching.