Sunday, 19 March 2017

From: PaulS: Guess I was wrong... (15 Points)

Turns out I was wrong. There was time for one more entry before going to bed after all. We have three Imperial officers from the Fantasy Flight boardgame, Imperial Assault. Not a lot to say about these three to be honest, other than there appears to be a lot of blame-throwing going on, what with all that finger pointing...

This really is it for this year, I promise!


Lovely work, Paul (I love your 'Blame Game'). 15 Points. Enough said. No more.


  1. OK, Paul, we'll believe you that this really, really, really is your final, final, final post of the Challenge! ;)

    Nice work on these three :)

  2. Nice work Paul.
    That photo up top makes me think of several meetings I have been to in my career...

  3. What you're still here?!? Nice trio of blamers Paul - maybe they are Trump staffers.

    1. Surely Trump staffers would all be pointing at Obama?