Sunday, 19 March 2017

Adamc-Pathan Tribesmen (175 points)

This is almost certainly my last post of this years challenge.  It has been a pleasure take part, I may or may not be able to take part next year with the baby on the way, but I will certainly be with you all in spirit. 

This entry are Pathan Tribesmen for the Maine Historical Wargamers club game at Huzzah.


I believe these guys are Old Glory miniatures but as I didn't buy them I don't know for sure there are good mix of figures but no real officer types except possibly the fellow brandishing his sword.  They have fairly modern rifle as the game is set in about 1895.  I like the unit "drummer" though he looks like he's at the post battle party not at the battle.

 I tried to find historical photos but didn't find many those that I did find have showed mostly white robes with colored scarfs and turbans.
 I did some in white but most were in in various brown and khaki with brighter colors for the scarves and turbans.

 Some of the colors are fairly bright but I figure dye technology was fairly advanced in the late 19th century so I figure I have some latitude.


 I wanted the colors to pop and I think most of them do I would probably use a brighter red if I do a similar prject.


These aren't the sort of figures I normally paint but they were a fun project and I am happy to help out the team for Huzzah!con.  There are thirty-five 25mm figures here which should add 175 points to my total and put me over my 1500 point goal at almost the last moment.


 MilesR: Another wonderful entry from Adam C - another of the Monday Titans - I really like the way you've completed the Pathans and congrats for hitting your goal.  And a even more hearty congratulations for about the baby.  There is nothing scarier, tougher and or as wonderful than being a parent.  I'm very happy for you.  They do cut into the paint bench time but its a worthy tradeoff.


  1. Nice entry to end a great challenge. They are old glory, I have the same ones. Good luck with parenthood

  2. Nice tribesmen Adam :)

    Been fun having you along for another year.

  3. Thanks Mills for the kind words. It was nice to be a Monday" Titan"

  4. Well done Adam. Great Challenge this year!

  5. Well done on these Adam. Great work this year.