Sunday, 19 March 2017

From SteveM: Something for Sarah. Imperial Assault Stormtroopers (25 Points)

I found the model while out looking for females to paint.

It will add variety to the Imperial Assault games. The four male stormtroopers are from Fantasy Flight Games while the female is from Kabuki Studio as a star vixen KUBP16.  Even though she is a larger scale she fits in well with the chunky troopers; A bit taller and thinner but is a strong leader for the Empire.

28mm infantry qty: 4
35mm infantry qty: 1


So, so awesome. Sarah's a big Star Wars fan so I know she's going to love her. Well done Steve! going to look for one of these for myself...


  1. Excellent gift for Sarah, what a good idea

  2. Wow, what a nice figure. Excellent brushwork.

  3. Nice work and I like the read haired leader. I do believe that female is deadlier than the male.

  4. Girl Boss!
    And truth be told, some work days I do feel the need to channel my inner Stormtrooper to properly motivate my team of millenials.

  5. Great find, lovely work on those whites!