Sunday, 19 March 2017

From NickJ: Blood Reavers (100 Points)

Once Upon a Time Travel...

Well that flipping deadline and countdown clock on the front page has been doing nothing for my nerves this weekend! And everytime I refresh the Analogue page there's a new awesome post so I get distracted from the task at hand...

It's tough I tell you. Tough.

Anyway what's with the time travel? Well for me it's Monday morning and as a Mondayiner I feel obliged, nay safe, to be posting on a Monday. Of course the Analogue is still on Sunday so I get to post backwards in time... that's how time zones work right?

For the next few seconds/minutes you will hopefully be reviewing pictures of a 20 man strong squad of Khorne Bloodblound - The Blood Reavers. Yes I know. GW once again have named a unit from the Bloodbound Faction with the prefix of Blood. They probably carry Blood Axes. And Blood helmets. And most likely Blood Packed Lunch boxes for when they get peckish.

Lunch Box? Aw crap. Can we go back as I left mine in the fridge?
These boys are the human cultists who form the backbone of the cannon fodder units within the Chaos Pentagram. Sorry did I say cannon fodder? Of course what I meant was these are the brave souls on the cusp of daemonhood as they present skulls for the Skull God!

Usually their own skull mind but let's quickly step beyond that slight inconvenience...

I opted for a warm colour scheme so everything is from the red/brown/yellow end of the spectrum. Sepia shade for the skin and yellow shade over most of the rest of the model. 

I found these heads lying around. Anyone missing a head?
I decided to steer clear of highlighting and went for a table top finish using lots of shades and a little dry brushing. I suspect it would add a week if I went for the highlighting!

Meet the command group and yes that banner is hand-painted. OK well it;s molded by GW first and then I played around with the paints!

This squad of 20 is from the Age of Sigmar starter set. Very good quality for starter minis and you get 10 different poses which are presented below for your delight. 

Eric?! Will you sort your pose out there's a good chap! Smile everyone!
 Even the fur is yellow...

Weapons use the same technique of yellow shades as the previous Bloodbound unit. And the helmets/metal trim work is a lead colour metallic paint washed with the yellow shade to give a faux gold appearance.

That's 20 x 28mm figures which should work out to a nice round 100 points.

Sadly I've fallen short of my target but given I missed a quarter of the Analogue time due to unscheduled work travel I'm more than happy with my contribution.

I also completed 2 side quests:
Completing 1 unit from each of the 5 factions ahead of our Nottingham Trip
Painting over 100 models - I completed 105 with this unit added in.
Considering I hadn't painted anything for 2 years prior to the Challenge starting I'm chuffed.

Thanks to everyone for making my first time here a delight. Special Thanks to Curt and his Minions for running this madness and for Miles for being my Monday Minion.

See you next year if all goes to plan.

Mondayiners Unite!


These guys are grimly wonderful. I really like all the warm tones you've used for them - it definitely gives them an infernal countenance and the black ash bases make them 'pop' even more. Excellent work.

Well Nick, I'm delighted you had a great Challenge and I'm especially pleased knowing that you had a 2-year drought previous to the event. That's what the Challenge is all about - motivation and camaraderie. I hope to see you next time we roll out.


  1. Cracking stuff Nick, glad to see you back in the game!

  2. Great job Nick. Blood - it's what Gods crave...

  3. Great work Nick - love the colour palette that you've used. It's very effective.