Sunday, 19 March 2017

From GrahameH: More Russians! Hurrah! (234 Points)

Couldn't have a final post not containing any Russians so done these over the weekend.

Russian 15mm WWII

4 Russian Lees


4 More SP AT
4 Valentines (Sorry for thr poor photo)
4 Matildas (nd aother poor photo)

1 Stuart
 And as it was St Patrick's day this week. some 15mm 16th Cent, Irish.

18 X G alloglas (15mm)

9 X Mounted Irish

9 Mounted Spanish Cavalry (allies)

Closer picture of the Spanish
And that's it until next year. Might have a day off from painting tomorrow. 


Great work Grahame! The Lend-Lease are excellent, as are the Oirish, but I have to tip my hat to those Spaniards in their Morion helmets (who makes those?). Lovely stuff. 

Enjoy your day off but I expect you back within the ranks next December


  1. What a wonderful points bomb to finish with Grahame! You've certainly pulled out the stops this year - hope to see you again for the next Challenge :)

  2. great stuff.. and a fine final tally too

  3. Oh yeah! Lend lease armour, always adds some brilliant stuff to the Eastern Front of WW2. Great work.

  4. All thanks Russkie armour and it's all imported! I like the 15mm Elizabethan types.

  5. I like your painting style!