Sunday, 19 March 2017

From MilesR: WW2 Marines, WW1 Vehicles and some Dinosaurs (115 Points)

 Coming down to the last dregs on my workbench so it's a very eclectic post this morning.

First up are 12 28mm US Marines and their ride - a LVTP amphibious vehicle.

 The minis and LVTP are all fro Warlord - I picked two extra plastic spurs (6 figs each) to finish out my Marine force.  The LVTP just screamed "buy-me" and somehow got into the check out cart.  The figures are really easy to build and paint up.
 A close up of the left six marines and then
the right six.
Next up are two WW1 vehicles from Trenchworx first Kickstarter a German AV7 tank and a Rolls Royce armored car.  As with the other Trenchworx stuff these are really superb models.
 These two will be finding their way to Curt as a down payment for my Curtgeld as my plans fell through
 A close up of the AV7 - essentially an armored box car with lot's of guns.
 and the Rolls Royce - really suitable for a lot of scenarios.
 Lastly, a pair of 28mm scaled dinosaurs from Acheson Creations.  A baby T-rex and a Utah-Raptor.

I'm really getting down to the bottom of the lead pile and will need to restock after taking a break from painting a few weeks.

This Challenge has been a blast.  I may have one more post left in my but don't hold your breath.

As for pointage:

12 28mm figures = 60 points
3 28mm Vehicles = 45 points
2 28mm dino's = 10 points (while bigger than an infantry figure the level of effort was the same)

Total Points for this submission = 115 points


Ahh, and look was was tucked in amongst the 20 or so other entries... Why, another one from Miles!

Dinosaurs? Check. WWII US Marines? Check. WWI vehicles? Check. A very tightly themed entry, to be sure (love that Rolls).  Also, it gives Mr. R. another 115 points, putting him in the lead in the last 12 hours of the Challenge. Well done Miles. 

Can anyone respond? Anyone?



  1. Excellent work Miles and congrats on (probably) sneaking the top spot from under Martin's nose for the second year in a row :)

    Martin - come on, you only need to paint 15 28mm infantry to sneak it back! ;)

    1. Is it a bird?Is it a plane? No, it's a white flag

  2. And with this post Cornwallis marches forward, hands over his sword and says "You can keep you bloody continent, I'm back off home where they treat tea with some respect". Miles it's been a fantastic battle and you've done me again at the wire. Congratulations on a brilliant effort, I was expecting the entire Japanese Imperial Army but instead got a German one and some dinosaurs. Until next time, I think we should have a side challenge next year - who can paint the best single figure, you do Washington, I'll do Cornwallis. Winner, by popular vote, gets the losers figure. What would be a change. Well done

    1. Now, that's a duel I'd like to see! Can I suggest we up the ante to at least 54mm figures of Washington and Cornwallis?

      Very gracious Martin. In my mind both of you are equal Titans of the Brush.

      Then again maybe Dave, Grahame or Eric will be dropping a sandbag soon?

    2. 54mm, that's is so far out of my comfort zone it's another hobby. Isn't that what the challenge is for other sandbags, bring them on, I think

    3. I'm in for the duel!
      A fine battle this year Mr Martin!

    4. Was an epic and well done. Let's do the duel although where you get 54mm AWI from I've no idea

  3. Great stuff guys!
    Don't you hate it when a model or figure screams "buy me!" - so many of them seem to do that...

  4. But wait there's more - I've feel like I've already signed off on you three times Miles. Anyways, great post, great out put this year, great win. And yes I want o see the 54mm duel next year.

  5. Very nice- I like the dinos!