Sunday, 19 March 2017

From DaveD: Clarence the Lion - Curtgeld

A final under the wire entry is the last of the "Pride" of Lions from JamesM, Tamsin and myself - James being the proud Scotman has completed the lion Rampant. . The 3 Lions are by Wargames Foundry, and we had intended to mix them with Gladiators... but things have gone a little awry unfortunately Curt. 

Clarence - may be a bit cross eyed...

Tamsins - Parsley

James's - Cecil
Any sighting later this year of "Millsy the GIMP Gladiator " in the Lion enclosure is purely co-incidental...

Anyway its your call MrC, you may wish to leave these based separately -- you know for when you start on Congo or the re release of Death in the Dark Continent...or I will combine them for you....

Its been a real blast once more... cheers D


Haha! This is brilliant. I totally see where you're going with this, you three. That's very good. All of the Lions (Clarence, Parsley and Cecil) are fantastic. I can just hear their ferocious roars above the screaming of the bloodthirsty mob. Poor Millsy but terrific stuff.

I tell you what, you guys finish up and post it later on. I plan on visiting your fair isle next autumn and we can arrange an exchange then. How about basing them individually, that way I can use them for a wide assortment of games. Thanks again.

25 Points for you MrD.


  1. Clarence looks great Dave! :)

    @ Curt - It will probably be me that does the individual basing so they'll be on hexes (which seems to be the common format for gladiator games). And maybe we'll have painted some gladiators to go with them by the time you come over for your trip :)

  2. I'm glad the Challenge wind-up did not conclude without a shot at Millsy! Well done Dave.

  3. Well done on Clarence - that's two 60s TV references in one Curtgeld entry!. I'm looking forward to Millsy the sacrificial offering.