Sunday, 19 March 2017

From Curt: A Quartet of Fascists (20 Points)

No, not Bentito, Adolf, Jose and Franco. 

Nor even Bannon, Trump, Spicer and Conway. 

But rather a more simple and rustic Diego, Mateo, Alfonso and Reynaldo.  ;0P

I had high hopes to catch Nick at the finish in our Spanish Civil War Duel, but it was not meant to be. So instead I present to you an additional four Falangists to bolster my existing squad.

I tip my hat to Phil, Christopher and our deserving winner Nick. Thank guys, it was a fun duel. It prompted me to get some stuff done that's been waiting in the wings for ages, which is what this is all about. I hope we can do it (or something like it) next winter.

No Pasaran!

And with that I will bid you all a goodnight. Until the morrow!


  1. Fine painting as always Curt :)

  2. Couldn't agree more! These little chaps really look the part and your basing is superb as ever!

  3. These guys look just wonderful Curt! It looks like Nick was just on the ball more then us this time.....always next time.:-)


  4. Brilliant brushwork as always dude. Great stuff.

  5. Fine work on the phalange Curt. Now if you could count all the Curtgeld points in your side duel....

  6. Lovely! I hope next winter I can get rolling properly on my SCW lead heap