Sunday, 19 March 2017

From Michael P: Mr. Bannon - Curtgeld Figure (25 Points)

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Steve Bannon:


Curt, I regret that I did not get myself coordinated enough to work with another Challenger on my tribute figure.   By the time I was able to think about this aspect, while other people were willing to make space for me, their projects had already gelled and I did not want to freeload on them.   So I present this 25th anniversary special edition figure from Reaper Miniatures.

I like him because his hourglass, which has almost run out, evokes for me the constant time pressure of getting an entry ready, and always being surprised when the appointed deadline drew near.  

I hope you can find a use for him in one of your Pulp games, or maybe just as a keepsake.

Thanks again for running this.



Thank you very much Michael, 'Mr. Bannon' is a wonderful figure and will be a very good reminder that time, and the its best use, are precious. 

Until next... time. :)


  1. Wonderful Curtgeld figure Padre! :)

  2. Nice work on the black robe, always hard to do right. And an appropriate last entry ;-)