Sunday, 19 March 2017

From KeithS: Final Entry - Curtgeld (25 Points)

My final project is also my Curtgeld for this year.  I wanted to try to stick to my primary theme of dungeons and monsters, so I decided to go with this chap, a 28mm figure from NLP (never heard of them) that was labeled as "Faramir's Ranger" -- I think that's what it said, but it was hard to read.  I decided to base him as a dungeon adventurer, despite his decidedly rangerly appearance.  It seemed appropriate given my previous efforts this year.  He turned out nice enough.

I think this is further appropriate as last year my Curtgeld was Bilbo Baggins.  This way, I keep with the Tolkien theme.  It's a nice figure.  I'll have to do a little digging on this NLP and see what other Tolkien goodness they might have made.
That's all from me for this year.  It's been a pleasure, as always, and a great motivator to clear some of the backlog.  I am sure I'll be in again next year, though I have no clue what I'll be working on by then!


That is a lovely figure Keith, thank you so much! I've not heard of NPL, but if this model is a indication of their range it will be a company to look out for as this figure looks like it would blend in very nicely with GW's offerings. I like the yellow snake motif on his tabard and the edging on his cloak.

25 points for you, Keith. Again, thanks for this. I will prepare a space for him next to Bilbo.  :)