Sunday, 19 March 2017

From IanW: Final Salute Three Command Stands and a pair of Guns (50 Points)

Well I went missing!! I knew the last two weeks would be an issue for me, away for a long weekend of ASL followed by my Birthday was always going to cramp my style but add the computer death and a fairly bad pre treatment run left me with zero energy and almost no painting.

Well I at least finished three command stands for my 15mm Seleucid army. These are old Chariot Miniatures figures I bought about two years ago so it's good to get them done.

Unlike many command packs these come with four figures a pack so I ended up with three bases worth. I had started painting a unit of Persian Satrap cavalry as well but had to leave these and there 6mm versions less than half finished so I had a hope of getting these done.

These will serve well enough for what is proving to be a rather formidable army. More on that on my own blog when I finally get round to painting the other figures I have ready for it.

But I wanted to finish as I started and so quickly prepped a pair of SYW Prussian guns and crews. To be a bit different I went with a howitzer rather than the longer barrelled friends. The other gun is another battalion gun.

I like the effect the black ink has had on the barrels and will be going over the other brass guns to get the same result soon.

This gives me plenty of foot artillery for the time being. I still plan to paint up a couple of horse artillery for my Prussians as they can move after firing and still be able to fire in future turns, something only battalion guns can do in Blackpowder.

Not 100% the points for guns, I think it's 4 and if I am right that's 50 points to go out on.

Thanks again to Curt and his Minions for another excellent challenge. Whilst I would have liked to get more finished in the final month I am still very happy with my total output and the reduced painting has me quite fired up for more in the weeks that follow.


I was beginning to wonder about you, Ian, but it's great to have you back to help turn out the lights.  

These miniatures, spread over a couple thousand years, all look the business.  While your Seleucids are terrific (I particularly like the commander checking down the line), I have to say that the Prussian artillery trips my trigger in matching blue uniforms and gun carriages.

50 Points it is! Well done Ian and thank you for joining us this year out. 

Until next time!


  1. Nice commanders and artillery Ian - a fitting end to your Challenge :)

  2. Nice work Ian. I have extra respect for any effort painting artillery...I just hate doing that for some odd (and totally irrational) reason, so congrats on getting those guns and crews finished!

  3. Nic work Ian - I really like the guns and crew.