Sunday, 19 March 2017

From ReneA: Second and Final contribution WWII Germans and Brits (303 Points)

So here is my second and final contribution to this years challenge. To be honest I did not have the time to fully enjoy the Challenge this year. In between a divorce and moving houses (twice in two weeks time) I spent the time I did have to conjure op some sort of attempt at scoring points but above all finish some figures. The pictures are not up to par being taken with a iphone at less than favorable conditions. So here goes:

9 German infantry (mid-late war) as a full 2LMG squad (all moving)

9 German infantry (mid-late war) as a full 2LMG squad (part moving part covering fire)

9 German infantry (mid-mate war) as a full 2LMG squad (part moving part covering fire)

9 German infantry (mid-late war) as riflemen additions or as a all riflemansquad

5 German crew with HMG

German medic, sniper, 2 officer type (total 4).

12 British Engineers based around demolition, cutting, mine detecting and flame throwing.

1 Churchill MKVI with one very lucky (given the thick armor plating surrounding him) Tank Commander

The whole bunch together on an improvised table.

57 28mm infantry figures, 1 tank commander and 1 Churchill tank might add at least something to the bank, but not near enough to finish within or above my aimed target. Helas, maybe next year a more realistic target or put more paint to figures....... the choices one needs to make in life.


Wow, this is a great finish Rene. Sometimes you can take a bit of solace within your hobbies when you're weathering through trying times. 

I like the bold colours you've gone with for your infantry, especially with the officer and specialists - they look very fine indeed. The Churchill is a real beaut - a real imposing beast to be sure. I like the subtle dusting you've given it and the commander looks stolidly confident with all that British steel wrapped around him.

303 points for your final run. Great work and well done, Rene!


  1. Sorry to hear about the rough times you've been going through Rene.

    What a way to finish - that's a great points bomb to drop at the end :)

  2. Nice finish Rene. Who makes these infantry? I can't quite place them...

  3. Nice work on these pieces Rene. I hope things are looking up for you shortly.