Sunday, 19 March 2017

From EvanH: The Bare Bones Approach to Painting Frostgrave Figs, or A Humerus Interlude (50 points - or is that 47.5?)

Oh my various gods, is that the time...?

I've been so damned busy with work lately that I've not had time to scratch myself, much less get up a decent head of steam in the painting department.

Well, the mighty duel between the estimable Mr Mills and myself enters its final phase (at least from me - knowing Millsy, he's probably rustled up a horde of Gnolls or Zombies or similar in the last four hours) with this entry.

10 skeletons for Frostgrave, or, more properly, nine and-a-half skeletons for Frostgrave (him down the front being the half).

When I accepted Millsy's challenge to a Frostgrave side duel, I had no idea that I'd be so swamped at work that I'd be hard put to submit regular entries, much less ramp up a decent rate of production for the ongoing Frostgrave project. But we need to build up the reserves of monsters and hirelings if we want a game, so I had to submit something before closing time.

The bones were basecoated light brown, highlighted in GW Bleached Bone (I know! Who'd have guessed?), and given a brown ink wash before a final drybrush of bone. The ragged clothing was based black, highlighted in Vallejo Grey Black, and drybrushed with khaki to give that dirty 'newly exhumed' look.

Metal was basecoated in GW Vermin Brown and overbrushed with gunmetal to simulate rust. Eyesockets were given a bright green wash, before a dot of darker green was applied to the eyeball to give the effect of an eldritch glow. Well, they have been animated by magic, after all...

The usual PVA, bicarb, and diluted blue ink for snow basing, and job done.

A few up close and personal shots for the album; a chap who could use a cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down.

A warrior whose battle cry would freeze his foes with fear, if he only had a larynx and a functioning respiratory system;

And Barry, rocking the distressed chic look with his helmet plume;

So let's say 5 points per fig for nine of them, and 2.5 for 'Arfur down at the front there, for a grand total of 47.5 points. And yes, I know this is pretty paltry stuff given the magnificent output of the various Stakhanovites taking part in AHPCVII, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

I only wish I'd been able to devote more time to this year's Challenge. But hey, there's always next year, and there's still plenty of raw material to keep me busy; the Lead, Plastic and Resin Mountain isn't getting any smaller!

Huge thanks to Curt and his faithful band of minions for running the biggest Challenge yet - see you next time!


Tamsin: nice skellies Ev! They definitely have that Eldritch look about them. I'm giving you 3 points for the half-figure and another 2 for the basing to help you out a little against Millsy in your side-duel. Funnily enough, that comes to the 50 points you'd have got for 10 whole skeletons! :)


  1. "help you out a little against Millsy in your side-duel"
    That'd be the side challenge I kept forgetting about despite being the Wallah in charge right? Looks like I owe someone a blister :-)

    1. Tell you what, your forfeit will be to paint two Frostgrave figures of my choice. And I just happen to have a blister pack of constructs at the ready...

      Can't get fairer than that!
      ; )

  2. Well done Evan. Indeed, better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick. I tried that line with the government at tax time, but it wouldn't work...

  3. Well done Evan - nicely punned!