Sunday, 19 March 2017

From ChristopherS and MartinN: Russo-Japanese War Casualty Figure (25 Points Each)

Nick(MartinN) came up with the very clever idea for our joint Curtgeld submission in the form of a casualty figure for the Russu-Japanese War. Nick knows I'm interested in the period and so I jumped at the chance.

The idea, model and painting of the fantastic Russian medic was Nick's contribution and the painting of the wounded Japanese officer and basing was mine.

I've been trying to get Nick into the Russu-Japanese War for some time now, but so far he has resisted, but he also said no to the SCW...which now many of you have seen his superb entries in the period in the challenge so I still hold out hope I can convince him to change his mind again. :-)

The miniature is a 28mm Tsuba sculpted by the superb Paul Hicks and the colors used were mostly Vallejo paints or least the Japanese was, but I think Nicks were as well.

I would like to thank Curt and his minion support for once again running a great challenge this year and hope to see this continue in the future.

"Unfortunately I wasn't able to take as active a role during this years iteration of the AHPC as I would have wanted to, especially as far as painting and commenting goes, but still it was an experience I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on.

Still I want to thank our Torrero in Chief Curt for taking it on him to run this freak show for yet another year. My thanks also go to Lady Sarah for her patience and Friday minion Phil even if I hardly had a chance to bother him with work on my behalf. Huge thanks also to all the other minions and participants (even if the friday crew obviously rules) for making the event to what it is."
Thanks for viewing!


Wow, what a stunning set that is. I'm fascinated in looking at a single miniature that has had two painters complete it. There are similarities, but difference as well. Nonetheless, if it wasn't pointed out one would think it was painted by the same hand. This obviously means that you're both amazing artizans AND that you've been spending far too much time together. ;) Again, beautiful work guys and thank you so much for both the miniature but also for participating again this year. It was great fun to spare in our SCW Duel and to see both of your fine brushwork. A real treat all around.


  1. Very nice work guys and an intriguing twist on the Curtgeld - each painting half of the same sculpt! That takes quite some doing and you've certainly pulled it off :)

  2. That is a very cool sculpt and great coop Curtgeld !

  3. Wow, fantastic choice of model for the curtgeld; that must have been a really interesting challenge to complete

  4. That is really, really cool. Great brushwork guys.

  5. Really nice figure(s) and great teamwork guys!