Wednesday, 20 March 2019

From AlanD - The Fall of the 15mm Reich (51 points)

Right, I'm not going to bed until I hit my 1500 point target. It;s going to be tough, so excuse the breif descriptions.

Here are some bits and bobs for Battle Group Fall of the Reich. All are intended for some games I have planned for Berlin in 1945. The first is a WWI surplus 150mm howitzer with Volkssturm crew, the the gun from the PSC Great War board game, and crew from PSC and Battle Front. The tow is from Skytrex.

This Tiger II is also from Skytrex, and I didn't enjoy assembling or painting it at all. None of the pieces fit. The idea is that this vehicle was rushed to Berlin from the factory. It was finished in red primer at the factory, with some dunkelgelb added as camouflage. I added some rubble that has fallen on the tank.

Much more fun to put together were these Marders, from the very handy PSC kit of Marders and Panzer 38(t).

4 vehicles (32 points), 1 gun (4 points) and 7.5 figures (15 points) = 51 points please!


Excellent work Alan. The rubble on the Tiger is a nice extra touch. I can't find any fault with your scoring, so 51 points it is.

Now, don't forget the IV caffeine if you are staying up all night painting until you reach 1500 points!


  1. Nice looking armour, love the WW1 howitzer!
    Best Iain

  2. Nice work Dux, those Marders came out nicely and I do like the rublle on the Tiger. Good luck making your goal.

  3. Beautiful photos- I'd like to see them in black and white! Very atmospheric I thing your King Tiger looks great with the hasty dunkelgelb and rubble.


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