Wednesday, 20 March 2019

From ByronM: Last Post, finishing up odds and ends (99 Points)

Well, here it is one last post for the year.  This post makes up the last few pieces that I was able to finish of in the last few days so that I didn't have some half done figures kicking around until next year. 

First up I have a unit of Primaris Space Marines with Hellblaster plasma guns.  While the Primaris marines are pretty terrible in game, I really like the armour and size of them.  I just wish they would have made them replacement marines rather than ret-conning the fluff after all these years.  Oh well, I just use them as plasma gun armed marines anyway.

They are done up as Dark Angels as they are my favourite chapter (even though they have sucked since 3rd edition).

Next up is a trio of rhinos for my 30k Death Guard force.  I have had these kicking around for the last few challenges and never quite get around to them.  While my Death Guard are tough, they really shouldn't have to walk into battle any more, so I finally got around to giving them some rides!

Last up are two Kingdom Death survivors.  One is in Lion armour which is one of my favourite armour sets for looks.  I think you can see why.  Although the set doesn't have the same attraction on male figures. 

The other is in a Gorm armour set, complete with a axe and knuckle shield.  This guy we affectionately call the Gimp.  Again, I think you can see why.

These items add a bit to my points totals, but I still didn't hit my goal. However, while I did not meet my 2000 point goal this year, I am still pretty happy with everything that I did get done. 

Thanks to everyone for all the great pictures to look at over the winter, all the inspiration for next year, and the growing list of new projects to start (you all may be hearing from the wife about that last part!). 

The Challenge really is the best part of the hobby year, so let's all give Curt and the Minions a big hand for running this wild and crazy event!

And with that, I am out!


Thank you for the kind words Byron, much appreciated. You're treating us to a great assortment of models as you bow out. The Primaris Marines and Rhinos are excellent (really like that green and cream livery on the vehicles), but I have to say that my favourites are the two Kingdom Death survivors. The gal in the white lion 'armour' looks very comfy (if a tad exposed in a few places) whereas Millsy, er, the Gimp, not as much (probably the cold zippers). I'm sure they will be welcome additions to you next KD campaign.

- Curt


  1. What a great way to finish, Byron! But where did you get the model and pic of Millsy? :)

  2. Well done Byron. I know those APCs have been hanging around for a long time, so it must be good to get them out of the way! Your jaded Death Guard lads will never say so, but I'm sure they will appreciate a lift for the first couple of turns in a battle!

  3. Great looking marines,survivors and battle taxis!
    Best Iain

  4. Nice work Byron. Love those KS survivors. How often does Miss Lion armour make the GIMP use the safe word?