Wednesday, 20 March 2019

From NoelW: The Middle of the End: Curtgeld (30 points)

I wasn't sure exactly what to paint for this year's Curtgeld - not knowing much about our beloved leader or what he would like to see/own/play with/laugh up his sleeve about. So I settled on another image of Fellowship, as that seems appropriate in several ways.

I toyed with the possibility of painting this one up for the Fellowship bonus round, but didn't use it. It's a Wargames Foundry pair, sculpted by the impossibly talented Perrys, of course. I've had it for some while, but not really known what to do with it. Now I do.

The Challenge has been mainly about "doing as much as possible" for me, i.e. numbers mattered most, so I felt I'd focus a bit more on quality to prove I could do that too, for this, by far the most important of tasks. (I also decided to make it nice and colourful, to offset the black and white of the long Canadian winter, but maybe I've overdone that a tad!)

Two figures, 10 pts. Plus Curt's courtesy contribution = 30 pts.

I guess it qualifies for Sarah's choice, too.


Damn! I don't get to score one of your mahoosive posts! But with this pair to make up for it, my disappointment is greatly reduced.

That's lovely work and I'm certain Curt will enjoy the vibrant colours in cold Canadian winters to come.


  1. Nice work Noel!! Very colourful.

  2. Oh, that is a beautiful vignette Noel. I love the bright, saturated colours and you've done a wonderful job on their skintones. Thank you so very much!

  3. What a great pair! Lovely primary colours.

  4. Terrific vignette! Lovely finish, very nice!
    Best Iain