Wednesday, 20 March 2019

From PhilH: Minor Mythos Monsters (30 Points)

Final entry for me this Challenge, and it’s another legacy from Challenge VIII: a start on a new Cthulhu Mythos project. I’ve done Pulp gaming with various rulesets, but the excellent FFG Arkham Horror: The Card Game and all of the lovely Lovecraftian mythos eye-candy in recent challenges has tempted me to kick off a Mythos project.

No Elder gods yet though, we’re starting this rollercoaster at the tame end of mythos monsters, with a group of bloodthirsty ghouls.

Vital ingredient: Tamiya Clear Red

I picked them up at a show, from a small company called Oakbound Studio. They are cast in resin. But I don’t think Oakbound produce them and am not sure who does: the packaging was different to the Oakbound range, which are cast in metal.

Oh and two swarms of rats. These are Reaper Bones

AH:TCG fans will note that these are the two enemies from the introductory scenario, which is a complete coincidence: they just happen to be what I’d prepped and would be reasonably quick so I could to be sure I finished them on time :-)

That’s 30 points to creep me past the 500 mark, certainly my best tally since the early challenges (albeit with considerable help from the Theme Rounds). And another squirrel, bringing that score to a whopping seven!

And with that, I’ll just pass on my very deepest thanks to Curt as our leader and guide on this Fellowship of the Brushes, to the enthusiastic team of minions (particularly BigLee as chaperone for the Tuesday crew), to the stand-in minions and to all of the participants and watchers who make this Challenge the friendly and welcoming community it has become.

See you next year!


Superbly ghoulish ghouls and ratty rats Phil! Excellent painting as always and 30 points to close you out for the year.


  1. Very nice, Phil! I do like the AHLCG, but don't really play it enough.

    1. Yeah it’s brilliant. We’re a bit being just starting the Forgotten sage campaign. I wish I had chance to play it more!

  2. Gorgeous ghouls, lovely work!
    Best Iain

    1. Gorgeous isn’t what I was gunning for in a ghoul, but whatever floats your boat ;-)


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