Wednesday, 20 March 2019

From RayR - Boris & Nigel (10 points)

My last post of this years Challenge...
And its couple of Asses

You may or may not know the names, If you're from the UK you certainly will.
I'm not sure what make they are, but Boris &Nigel are a right pair of  useless donkeys!

Please note I haven't mentioned the D word Tamsin!!!

So on to the thank you's....
I'd like to thank the Snowlord Curt, for thinking up and controlling all this madness.
Sarah, Mrs Snowlord, for putting up with Curt while he's trying to sort out all this madness.
My Tuesday Minion and Posties Rejects pal Lee. Well done ol' boy, I'll drop the tenner off I owe you for all the bonus points you dropped my way.
Lastly to all the other Challengers (including Fran) for making the AHPC9 what it was

A whole lotta fun!

Cheers Ray


You may not have mentioned it, but we all know they will be used for feckin' donnybrook you fecker!

Unlike their namesakes, I think it is highly unfair to suggest that this pair are useless. Obstinate, loudly braying, full of wind perhaps but at least they will do some real work.

That'll be 10 points


  1. Lovely asses you've got there, Ray.

  2. What a BUMmer this Challenge is over already, I surely could do with more posts like these! And not only people from the UK know who those jackasses are ;-) Anyway even though this post may have been a bum too far these are lovely DONKEYS, there I said it...

  3. Lovely pair of asses you've got there,much nicer than their namesakes!
    Best Iain

  4. Let the ass jokes commence...!

    Too many times, we forget the logistics when running a game - these guys remedy that deficiency splendidly!

  5. Way to make an ass out of a project Ray! Well done!



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